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  • Anonymouse

    Please add a pancreatic cancer awareness cover…purple ribbons please!

  • Marijica22

    Croatian flag

  • Guest

    Forever Alone </3 cover please =)

  • butkys

    Please add an bmx cover with much colors.

  • don’t ask (:

    You only live once – Drake

  • Sebas0514

    Warhol Quotes

  • guest

    Don’t Be Jel – Be Reem.

  • Sherwin Mansilungan

    No Sleep Wiz Khalifa

  • Fin Dyyd

    i made Washington Capitals cover! how can i add it here?

  • Estradajosh32

    Forever Alone cover please

  • Klipo89

    PS3 cover

  • nancysallee

    horses or harley-davidson

  • countrychic

    put some country lyrics on here….

  • :D hehe

    i am me so dont try and change that <3

  • Mkaplan

    What defines you is what other people say about you.

  • Philip Goode

    Portlandia on IFC!! 1 or 2 would be great ty :)

  • Crazy Joker

    Hey guys your seriously awesome!
    Can you please do a cover that says: Gamers Don’t Die, We Just Respawn!

  • Saad_thedk

    Johnie Walker

  • Theintensity


  • Alexandre Caique


  • Arriann

    Don’t be jel, be REEM!!

  • Brian Hansen

    welcome stalker/ Hanne Gram :D

  • Triipa

    iiluminati! <3

  • Claire

    un piano en noir & blanc avec une rose posser dessus :
    ouu le tissu leopard

  • Vivek Gaikwad

    my name cover

  • Estradaconstance

    March is Trisomy awareness month. More chromosomes to love!

  • Sylviaintoronto

    Yves Saint Laurent
    Also in Nature/ Scenery you could add “Enchanted Forests” and “Forest water fall”

  • KALEO99


  • Vanessa Ezzat

    glee please!!!

  • Guest


  • marilyn monroe

    . :)

  • marilyn monroe


  • Csdel

    1 in 88 children has Autism

    1 in 54 boys has Autism

  • Tyler Dix

    Liquicity has some amazing wallpapers, but none of them are big enough for facebook covers, im sure many people like myself would love to have some of these incredible backgrounds

  • Armando C.


  • Incredi BEL

    zayn malik and bigbang PLEASE

  • Ms_rhymes06

    screw this is a WHOLE lot better

  • Lebalori


  • Brandon Batmaan Taft

    Packers logo

  • Brandon Batmaan Taft

    Aaron Rodgers

  • Brandon Batmaan Taft


  • Cnbernstein

    i like the covers but how bout puttin some country singers men and women

  • Cnbernstein

    maybe even add some superheros like nightwing and green arrow

  • Noreen

    MAKE something for my birthday pls its in APRIL 30 and my name is Noreen !!!!!

    • Noreen

      and I forgot my age is going to be 11 pls make it nice not pink make it peach..<3<3<3<3


    I AM ME!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE :) THANKS!

  • guest

    never give up

  • Zackra_moon

    a cover with more qoutes and also a cover with steelers!!! love that team <3



  • youssef

    You Only Live Once


    ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Cyd1999ney

    It would be cool if u guys had one that said “S(HE’S) BR(OK)EN” thnx

  • Phoebr726


  • Kokahanna

    Rise Above Hate …. ” John Cena ” .

  • Toshiro Hitsugaya

    sasuke uchiha please…..

  • guest

    Call Of Duty BlackOps

  • odane kadeem thomas

    subscribe odane

  • Medusanjgirlla73

    Can u please make a fibromyalgia awareness cover pic please

  • Guest

    How about a cover for Walk MS or Bike MS. You can find info at or

  • emma

    hunger games “team finnick” cover

  • Kimlayshiro


  • misha

    attitudy covers

  • Guest

    can we have somemore nerdy covers?

  • Guest

    Would love to see some covers for the band RUSH!!!

  • Nprince1973

    cancer sucks with yellow ribbon

  • Matt2349

    bouncers, doormen, security,

  • Guest

    Gay rights

  • Hasan Ali

    i wan a cover of my self

  • Mjehrlich

    Auburn Tigers

  • Gramps

    Auburn Tigers

  • Blueberrymuffin_baby

    quotes could have more colorful backrounds to them and more down to earth quotes about how to see life but i love ur site

  • Kennenmcm


  • Angel Jimenez

    i wish we could do our own timeline’s covers

  • Hasam khan

    give me my name with special effect if possible


    We crafter cant find anywhere some covers talking about craft – Kniting, crochet, embroidery, etc…..
    Would be nice if we could get some and also with some good mote.

  • Cassandra Conner

    More weed ones!! :)

  • jesus echevarria

    some like whiz khalifa smoking, and also lyrics!

  • Luis Valdez Sanchez


  • gogo

    make a cover for sex :)

  • Laust Højmark

    what about this dog, that i just made? :D

  • Melissa Mae Lindquist

    Alzheimer Awareness!

  • Frank Ocean

    Frank ocean

  • Yecxelle Marty

    Marques de Sade

  • Diamond

    Hopsin COver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leyda


  • Tara

    Christmas countdown!!

  • Noemi Stornaiolo

    E’ il classico perdono che nasconde un “non ce l’ho fatta a lasciarti andare, nemmeno stavolta.”

  • Hannah Cason

    this girl is crazy but put it in rainbow colors and a arrow pointing to the spot were your profile photo goes.

  • my attitude

    my attitude

  • my attitude

    my attitude

  • Nikshep Shetty

    i want a cover cover that looks cool and suits my profile pic

  • brrrock

    if you are confident, you are beautiful

  • cyoung5967

    I would love to see a cover for Advent

  • manú

    some like supernatural tv show written “saving people, hunting things, family business”

  • arwin 2


  • Guest

    Christmas, Lord Jesus in a manger

  • Angelique Delos Santos

    Can you please make a timeline cover of Taylor Swift’s songs and the lyrics also. Thanksssssss alot

  • Cissy

    I think more peanuts comics & super heroes would be nice. I would also like to see more breast cancer awareness & survivor covers that are done tastefully. There are only a few, & I would like more selection of tasteful ones. They can be funny without being tawdry or crude. I don’t mean to be negative. I do appreciate what you are doing. I am just hoping for more. Thanks! :D

  • Bernadette Logozar

    Hi what about something for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day…all those other ‘days’ we celebrate with oh candy, wine, flowers and apologies when we forget the day.

  • Emily Jezler

    Tenacious D

  • Emily Jezler

    Jack Black & Kyle Gass

  • Emily Jezler

    Jack Black

  • alina

    i wish to have a cover for a dead friend profile.and write good bye for ever

  • Shogun Duckula

    Count Duckula

  • jkay

    mexican quote?

  • Leonardo Hickssen


  • Aymee Zubizarreta

    Happy Easter cover!

  • Aymee Zubizarreta

    Don’t Text & Drive

  • heather

    administrative professionals week

  • vijay


  • Srk Siva Iyer

    love me i am not too bad

  • may


  • marvin

    i love mhie :)

  • guest

    PewDiePie !!!

  • bill

    lightning bolts, logo for electricians, construction trade logos

  • bonn

    i like chicago bulls logo with D Rose no.1 jersey… thanks!

  • cynthia

    smosh food battle

  • Bob


  • Joshua Marvic Arnazan

    Please IamMe dance crew covers

  • Mark Misko

    Three stooges golf photo

  • Sarvesh Kulkarni

    A cover having the name – Sarvesh Kulkarni

  • Sonjalea

    Real Estate or Home Loans please!

  • ابراهيم الإسلامي

    thats very cool

  • Marwin Isles

    I want a cover for my basketball team. EL HUESTE. And please tag it to my facebook. My email is

  • shani bouhanna

    the beatles!

  • Evasió

    Easter theme

  • guest

    Please design different types of Internet marketing e-business covers

  • Guest

    الدنيا اخرها كوم تراب

  • Ahmed Sobrimo

    My life like a puzzle so Don’t play with Me


  • Drew-Ann

    Son’s of anarchy! <3

  • Sam

    guys i would like to make a cover for my new site any ideas welcome. thanks

  • Ghaly

    guys I love your work. such wonderful images and ideas. I’ve made my site please let me know if you have any ideas for improvements. thanks all have wonderful day

  • clive

    kuroko no basket … cover …

    that akashi and their teammates

  • ssj camerontyler

    please make the nightmare before christmas cover pic please

  • Gaby

    I need business covers. Thank you.

  • James

    Please make a Skyler Samuels cover, thank you.

  • Wail Exzaoui


  • William Lawrence

    Happy Father’s day