Bisexual Pride Facebook Cover


Please Login to Facebook to use our automatic uploader!

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1. There is one photo that you will need to save to your computer and upload to Facebook. Click the thumbnail below. A new window will open with the full size photo. Right click and save that photo to your computer. DO NOT SAVE ANY PHOTO ON THIS PAGE! It will look grainy when you upload it since it is smaller than the photo that is needed.

2. Go to your Facebook profile.  Click “Change Cover” at the top of your profile. Click ‘Upload photo’ from the dropdown. Choose the photo you just saved to your computer.  You will not need to adjust the photo once uploaded. Click “Save Changes”.

3. Enjoy your cover and suggest us to your friends!

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  • vow

    People do know that we have our own flag right?

    • Jessica Maxson

      Apparently not. ._.;